Monday, October 29, 2012

Cowl Needed!

This summer, I corcheted a cowl for my son's girlfriend, Alyssa.  I always take photos of everything I make but did not take time for this cowl.  I had to get it ready for when I traveled to California to see him mid summer (I know NOT cowl weather!).   Anyway, he was supposed to take a photo for me.  Given that he had a whirlwind trip to give this to her for her birthday.  I was surprised that he remembered the present at all! 
Anyway on a trip to Pittsburgh this weekend, it WAS time to break out the cowl!  Alyssa so gracefully modeled for me!  This cowl was modeled after Crochet in Color's pattern.  You can find it here:
But it you have looked at any of my work - you know I have difficulty in following any pattern!  So here is Alyssa with her perfect color cowl!


Now that the weather is cooling down- Happy Crocheting to keep your loved ones warm.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bearded Wonder aka Bearded Beanie

It has been such a long time since I have posted.  I have not been crocheting much :(
But that is about to change with a baby blanket due by Dec 9 and thinking about Christmas presents!  I have managed to get this cute little hat out: 

I am sorry for the bad photography but it was hard enough coraling him to get the photo!  It is a littel warm in Ohio for this time of year and he was not happy with having to put a hat and beard on! 

So this was the next compromise!  He took the beard!  Again the hat is so cute but my lighting choice was poor!  He is dressing up like a hobo for Halloween!
It was a little tough and I had to improvise because I could not find a free pattern for a child!  But fun project!
Hope to show you more work soon!