Monday, July 15, 2013

Prayer pillow

  For years, I have wanted to do something with the old T-shirts that are around the house. Some of which have been left by my children. I have thought that it would be fun to make a T-shirt quilt out of some of the religious themed T-shirts from my daughter. But when I looked through the leftovers there were not a lot of shirts left in her drawers with a religious theme. I am reading a new book called the four signs of a dynamic Catholic and one of the signs is prior. So I came up with an idea to make a prayer pillow. 

I was so excited with how well it turned out. Then I turned the pillow over and realized that I forgot to take into account the iron on transfer on the opposite side of the fabric. So I opted the crochet a few hearts to stitch onto the back of the pillow. Then I realized how much it looks like a face. My friend Rick opted to model the pillow for you!

There is your funny for the day!
Have a great day!