Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finally a WIP!

I am so excited to have finally made my mind up!  I tried so many different patterns hoping for some pattern that would show off the Vanna Baby Pink.  I almost gave up and then was inspired by a blanket on the handmade dress blog and one that I had done in December.  A granny!  It is a filled in granny with less holes so I am hoping more infant friendly.  This one is for my soon to be great niece! 

This may show the colors a bit better!  And I am not sure on the color variation pattern as of yet. Baby girl D is not due until May but I needed to get my fingers busy when I can!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/3 what is next?

I am now finished with the third project!  It was the basket inspired by Liz from Crochet in Color.  Unfortunately, when I started the project, I did not read the directions well enought.  I used Jiffy now Jiffy thick and quick so I had to modify it.  It turned out pretty well. My plans are to use it as an onion basket!  Already has onions in it now! 

Sorry about the poor photography!  But it does look cute!  Crocheting with 2 strands and an L hook made my hands tired but I will try another one soon!
But first- I have two baby blankets to make- one for a girl and the other for sex to be a surprise!  If anyone has ideas for a pretty but easy pattern for Pink Poodle - Vanna's Choice Baby Yarn please let me know!
Happy Crafting and Enjoy the warm weather!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Not one of the 3 but should have been on the list

I was so excited this weekend to get a few more projects done! I could not find pillows to match my sofa and bring it together with my overstuffed and comfy blue chair. I was pretty excited to find a paisley that brought the two together perfectly!    Then I had to find something to store all these projects in so I found baskets on clearance and made basket liners!  Love them too!  Yes that is a gazelle in the background!  Tomorrow- its gazelle time!

So now off to finshe dishes and work on my basket - project 3 of the original 3!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 out of 3 ain't bad!

I am happy to say that 2 of my three projects are done!  I modified the back of the poncho and added a chain woven in to "tighten" it up as the little 4 year old is a tiny one!  I was afraid that it would slip right off her!  I was hoping to get a photo of her in it today at her party but she was a little busy with Barbies!  So here is a photo of the back I took before hand!

The pillow did not do the colors justice so hopefully I will be able to get a photo of the princess with it on!

The is the second- the prayer shawl to donate to the Women's event!  I love the colors!  I wouldn't mind winning it myself!

Next projects? Finish the basket - and 2 baby blankets!