Saturday, February 15, 2014


I have never bought a pattern before but fell in love with this one, the Hampton hood by Heidi May. 
Even though I had to do a little figuring to make it come together correctly, it is simply adorable and of course so is my great niece the model! 

My lighting was a little off so here is buckeye bear modeling it too! 

So cute and once I got how to put it together, it is a do again for another sweet girl sometime soon!
Have a great crochet day! 


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Too long in posting!

Oops, I just looked and it has been since October since I have posted anything on this blog. It's not that I have not been around and it's not that I have not been crocheting. It's just not taking the time to chronicle what I have been up to! 
So here goes:
I had a wonderful holiday season! My children were here and we were able to spend lots of time together! 
This weather in Ohio has really disrupted schedules! From cold cold cold to snow and ice, I have not had a regular schedule since the first week of December!  One would think that I had crocheted a houseful or at least have a white glove clean house, but neither have happened! 
But these were my January projects: 3 hats for my daughter and friends, white infinity scarf and hat for a friend and another scarf "Steelers" scarf for a friend. 

These are 2 of the hats I made. They are from - the unforgettable hat! 
I am looking forward to posting a little more frequently - just for the record I have not slouched on reading my favorite blogs. There is some beautiful work out there, 
Have a wonderful day!