Monday, June 10, 2013

Hearts for a pretty newborn!

I have been dabbling with crochet since the big blanket project. Which by the way some of the cranberry came out with using shout color catchers. I finally sent it to my son (he flew in for graduation) so hoping he likes it. 

I made this for my God daughter's newborn baby girl! Yet to be blocked but it turned out fairly well. As I say with a lot of my work, you can only tell it is homemade if there are tiny errors! 
Now on to my new projects! 
What is in your crochet basket this summer?
Happy crocheting! 

I had to add this photo. Somewhere in there is my son! Yes, he did like it!


  1. Hi Norma, this is just to sweet! I love the puff stitch to make the heart. I need to see if I can make something like's gorgeous!

      Thank you Shari! Above is the link that I based my square off of. My stitching is sometimes not always to gauge and in the pattern there is one row of single crochet missing. I have made two of these and love it!

  2. A big wow on the log cabin blanket. Nicely done. I love the pink and white heart, so pretty! Will be a treasured gift.