Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's been a long time......

I just looked and saw my last post was in August! Yikes! It's not as if I haven't been doing anything. Just haven't taken time to blog. I do get my daily fix though of looking at others projects! So here are a few of mine!
For my son's birthday I made him some recycled T-shirt bags

For my friends daughter I need a baby blanket for her new baby girl. If this is yet to be delivered!

I was excited to teach a friend of mine had a crochet. This is one of the projects that I worked on together to teach her. 

I am excited to say that she has truly gotten the crochet bug. Since she learned to crochet she has crocheted hat and two blankets! It is so fun to share the love of crochet!
That's all I have for this morning. Nothing really just catching up a little on my projects. More to come soon!
Have a wonderful day!

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